I have made tiramisu many times but i always use classic tiramisu recipe. I love the flavour of tiramisu & i really want to find best – quickly recipe so i try one from my book, the Easy dessert. It’s really tasty :d.

tiramisu & coffee

tiramisu & coffee

tiramisu & coffee

Recipe adapted from: the Easy Dessert.


16 Italian sponge fingers or 2 round sponge cake (about 200gr)

Coffee soaking syrup:

200ml/7 fl oz strong black coffee (cooled to room temperature)

4 tbsp kahlúa or any liqueur you have

Cream filling:

250g/9oz mascarpone cheese

300ml/10 fl oz double cream (lightly whipped)

3 tbsp icing sugar


cocoa powder for garnishing


– Pour the cooled coffee into a bowl and stir in kahlúa/ liqueur.

– Place the mascarpone cheese in a bowl with the cream, icing sugar & mix together well.

– Soak half of the sponge fingers/ sponge cake in the coffee mixture.

– Spread half of the mascarpone mixture over the coffee-soaked sponge fingers/ sponge cake.

– Soak the remaining sponge fingers/ sponge cake in the coffee mixture.

– Arrange the remaining coffee-soaked sponge fingers/ sponge cake & then spread over the remaining mascarpone mixture.

– Chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

– Sift cocoa powder over the top of the tiramisù.


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