Mulberry mousse

In Vietnam, we don’t have many types of berries. Blueberries, blackberries, rapsberries, blackcurrants or red currants…are all imported & they’re quite expensive. With the characteristic of our country’s climate, farmers can only cultivate strawberries & mulberries. Strawberry is my familiar fruit that i often use but mulberry, rarely. I used to eat mulberry jam with ice-cream, eat mullberry mayonnaise sauce & i really love its flavor. I want to make some desserts with mulberries, so i went to the store & bought some. I’ve made mulberry jam, mulberry mousse & mulberry creamcheese tarts. I didn’t take photos of those tarts because my camera was spoiled at that time, i just have one photo of mousse (my friend lend me his camera, thks a lot :D).

mulberry mousse

Recipe for 1 mousse – diameter 16cm.

1 round sponge cake (about 100g, make from 1 egg)

2.5 gelatine leaves

160g mulberry

75g sugar

100g yogurt

150ml whipping cream



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